A Little about me: I was born in small village of Bhadohi, a small town very close to Varanasi, one of the most ancient living cities in India! Varanasi is one of the most blindingly colourful, unrelentingly chaotic and unapologetically indiscreet places on earth! I love that place and I'm highly influenced by the people and cultural values. I love old and instrumental songs, singing and walking alone after the sunset, building network, contributing to open source, doing photography, talking to random people and doing things. I live in Mumbai, India. Also known under vicky002 nickname on the web.

My Work

Slack Technologies, San Francisco

June’16 to August’16

No data for now.

CodeChef, Directi

Jan’16 to March’15

  • Worked on OAuth API development using Slim and Swagger.
  • Worked on Developer page where developer can generate token and test APIs.

CodeChef, Directi

March’15 to Sept’15

  • Worked on Online Test Data Judge using C++
  • Cleaned Database
  • Worked on moving problems
  • Worked on Data and Stats problems on CodeChef
  • Collected Learning module resources.

Chairperson SPIT Coder’s Club

June’14 - Present

I started first Coder’s club to promote competitive programming, open source development and expose students to moderns technologies which are not present in the classroom. I have Organized workshops, online coding competitions and 60 days Open source project challenge.

Technical Head - Information Technology Student’s Association

June’15 - Present

As a Technical Head of ITSA Committee, I was involved in all the technical events and workshops in College.


I started working on projects in the winter of 2013. You can check out my open source project on GitHub. Here are some of the best ones.


  • The L Twitter Bot

    The L is a Twitter build using Wolframa API and python. It answers questions from wide range of topics like general knowledge, history, movie reviews and current temperature in your city.

  • Slack-TheL

    Slack-TheL is a bot for slack very similar to Twitter bot created using Flask (python framework) and Wolframalpha Module. It can answer question from History to current temperature and even mathematical computations. The Bot is deployed on Heroku. I have also written a tutorial on How to create bots for slack using Wolframalpha API.

Community Projects

  • AlgoWiki - All CS resources at one place!

    On Internet, There is a lot of knowledge on different topics scarred over different sources. Most of the knowledge is either online on the web or with the people as human knowledge. I want to create a platform to bind this scarred piece of knowledge at one place! Check out the website - AlgoWiki

  • 1000_Projects

    Currently it has more than 400+ practical, language-agnostinc projects.

  • CheatSheets (Ongoing)

    CheatSheets of different topics of CS!

  • BestPractices (ongoing)

Best practices of everything in Computer Science!

Web Apps

  • WebMusicPlayer

    Music Player Just Drag and Drop your Mp3 files and you can also search select and remove files. Nothing is uploaded – the mp3 files are kept in your browser. Cool audio visualization and audio playback using : Wavesurfer.js. Select and search songs in a playlist. Shuffle and Repeat options. Website

  • FlowChart Evaluator

    FlowChart Evaluator is simple web app in which user can create flowchart by dragging the shapes. User can execute and debug the flowchart.

  • Django Projects

    Simple web apps created using Django. Repo contains Pastebin and Blog in Django.


Android Apps

  • Flag Quiz Android App

    A simple FlagQuizGame in which there will be 10 Question and you have to guess correct one answer from 3 options. Users can add more options like 6 and 9 options Dynamically. Dymically Select Regions from which the Countries should be asked in the Question like Asia, North_America etc.

Check my GitHub profile for other open Source Project Contributions - GitHub.

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If you like what you see and would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to do so. If you have cool things to tell me, you can get in touch through the following ways (in decreasing order of preference/activity):