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Back in 2013, I stared Eulercoder as my own person blog. It was always in my mind to create Eulercoder a platform for students and developers, where everyone can discuss things related to computer science and development.

Now Eulercoder is not just a personal blog, (See — my personal posts here) Eulercoder is a non-profit Organisation and a platform for CS students, designer and developers. Today, as our website is growing, we get a lot of queries on different topics and we needed a place where everyone can ask/post queries. We tried Facebook group but it’s not working. Today, we are moving to Slack, join Eulercoder Community on Slack.

Why not Facebook group?

Facebook groups are good, almost everyone is on Facebook and people spend a lot of time on Facebook. The only thing it’s missing is the ability to filter the signal from the noise. Non-developers, marketers start spamming in the group. There are beginners who ask basic questions to us on programming, internships and Open Source. If Facebook allowed the group moderators to create sub-groups they could help us in creating small sub-groups based on likes and interests. It would also allow members to dip in and out of each are of interest.

More about Eulercoder Community on Slack

Eulercoder community is an open community where designers, developers, students and companies can exchange knowledge about computer science, jobs and internships. For different areas of computer science, there are different channels where you can showcase your work, ask feedback, post your queries — #showcase, #python, #jobs_internships, #python, #webdevelopment etc.

When conversations go deep between a few people we’ll open a dedicated channel to reduce the noise for others who might be less interested. And we’ll then archive when it comes to an end. Everyone should be encouraged to ask questions and feedback about their projects or internships without feeling like they’re adding they adding noise to a general channel. So, when we will see there is a lot of discussion happening on a specific topic, we will create a channel for you.

We started Eulercoder with a mission to be the best computer science portal on the web. We need to do a lot of work, it will require extreme hard work, the content and the courses needs to be the best. We extremely value our readers and take each feedback very seriously. With this, today we are launching our Eulercoder community on Slack, I request you to join us. Let’s improve ourselves as a developer and also contribute – help everyone in becoming better at programming.

Join Eulercoder Community on Slack!

Thank you!

Have something to talk about? Want to contribute in our Mission and Goal? Write on Eulercoder. Write an email to us or contact us for guest posts. 

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