Internship and Software Engineering job: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to Summer Internship and  Software engineering job! This is going to be the series of blog posts all, each article contains every single detail about the topic and in-depth information. I would suggest you read every single article from “The Beginning” to “The End”. Please keep a notebook with you and make a note of all the important points that you feel will be useful also, bookmark this website or this page so that you can come and see as a reference whenever you need it.

So, let’s get started!

In 2016 I had written a summer internship guide on my old blog (same website) and it was a big hit. Over 1000+ students recommended that article and it was shared on different social media channels. This course this is the elaborated version of that one article and it contains lot more information.

You can read my old post on Github.

Roadmap to Internship and Software Engineering Job

So, this is the roadmap to get a summer internship and full-time job in any great company or in your dream company. We will be talking about the preparation, application process and the real interview day!

See the roadmap image carefully and then go down to easily navigate to any of the pages. The Pages contains the full series of articles, the course, and links to all other pages.

summer internship and software engineering job - Roadmap
Roadmap to Software Engineering
  • The Beginning – What is Software Engineering, Software Internship and the Job 
  • Before the interview
  • The day of the interview
  • After the interview
    • The waiting phase
      • How long should I wait before sending a cold email?
      • The recruiter is not responding to my emails.
    • You got the offer!
      • Perfect time to start your job. – vacation planning, pre-preparation etc
      • I have multiple offers, how do I decide the company
    • I couldn’t get the offer, what now?
  • Working for a company
    • Importance things to remember from the first day of your Job
    • Performance reviews, promotions, and your career growth
  • Two jobs at a time?job
    • Can I work at two places? One office and then one from remote?
    • Should I work part-time WFH while working in my company?

All these things will be discussed in-depth in this series of articles. If you want to me to cover any specific topic or you want to add something in this course please write your comments below.

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Thank you!

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Vikesh is handling the tech team at Speedbox as CTO. He formerly worked at Slack as Test Automation Intern in San Francisco and twice at Directi as Software Engineering intern in Mumbai. Vikesh spends most of the time of the day in front of the laptop but he loves doing photography, video editing and listening to songs in free time. Follow his daily life on Facebook and Twitter.