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A Comprehensive Personal Year In review (2015)


Scrap the socks and the smellies! Why not treat someone special and yourself, to something worth having this Christmas? Christmas and New Year holidays are the perfect way to really celebrate the festive season in style. Whether you choose to warm up on a golden beach somewhere, or explore an exciting city at its brighest and best!

This post is about happiness: the warm fuzzies, a contented sigh, feeling cheered up, happy as Larry, or like a dog with two tails. Call it what you will, we experience moments of happiness every day, for all sort of reasons.

Well, 2015 is now almost over, and it’s been a great year for me and my family. It’s great to look back and see all the best things happened this year.

Here is the rewind of 2015

January 2015: It was just the start of new semester. Boring college, boring lectures. I never liked going to college. On 28th Jan, I reached home from college and got to know that Pawan bhai (my brother) bought a car(Audi) :sunglasses: in US.


February 2015: Nothing really exciting. Well,

We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know. :smile:

March 2015: Yeah! March was the new beginning for me. I was in touch with the CodeChef Team and on 26th March, I got an internship at CodeChef. This is the best thing happened to me this year.

April 2015: I had just joined CodeChef, all my days were really exciting and fun with meetings, dinners, watching movies, cracking jokes. The CodeChef team is awesome! I was learning something new every day.

May 2015: On 23rd May, Mukesh bhai (my brother) got graduated from Cornell University.


June 2015: June, an amazing month! After an year Mukesh bhai was back to India with his Masters degree. The CodeChef team was busy in SnackDown World finals. Busy but it was a great fun and we shared some of the best moments, late night cricket in office, dinner at L W Marriott Hotel :smile:! Working and setting up the Arena. Those days were awesome! I got to meet some of the best coders of India.


Pic: Our ID Cards Me with Shivam and Vishal (interns) and ignore that typo :smile:

Me with

Pic : Me with CodeChef Team and Directi CEO and CTO

July 2015: Mukesh Bhai moved to US this time to start his career at Amazon! 19th July was his first day at Amazon.

August 2015: Nothing really exciting. Well,

If you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.

September 2015: I and two of my friends Siddharth and Shaquib started working on a Startup ‘BooksBarter’ - An online marketplace for buying and selling of old books. It was really hard for me to manage everything college work, my internship and startup. I completed six months at CodeChef and left CodeChef on 22th September. Frankly speaking it was really hard to leave that place. While leaving the office, I had almost cried.

Few days later on 29th September Bhabhiji (Sister in law) got placed in Microsoft.


Pic: Me with The CodeChef Team and IOI Interns

October 2015: Nothing really exciting. Well,

It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.

November 2015: November again an awesome month! Bhai and Bhabhiji (Microsoft Couple) were back to India. It was a festive Season and family time. I had great moments with my family.

December 2015: Brother Moved to US again. I was busy working on few projects. I spent lot of my time during open source. On 4th December, AlgoWiki was trending on github. I created two bots The L for Twitter and Slack. Slack liked and retweeted my post. Slack-TheL was featured in Python Weekly. Lastly I had applied for an Internship at Bon Happeetee, I really liked their concept and wanted to work with them. I interviewed with Pramit Sir (CTO) and Finally I was offered an Internship.

I am going on a trip to North East with college friends to celebrate New year. I’ll be back on 5th and from 7th Jan I’ll start working at Bon Happeetee.

Goals for 2016

Ok so it was all a happy and cheerful year, but there are some things I’d like to work on for 2016. I’m listing my resolutions publicly for the first time because I think that public accountability is a huge motivator.

  • Lose xx Kgs (Not listing the number here): I have gained a lot of kgs this year. I’ve already been following few blogs and diet plans and plan on continuing it.

  • Running on alternate days: I have started running since last month and now I really love going out in the morning.

  • Write more: I have decided that I’d write at least a blog post each week.

  • Read more: Read one book in a month.

  • Improve and participate in public speaking

  • Do better in college

  • Less Facebook: I log on to facebook multiple times a day, but hardly post anything (one post in 3-4 days). I’d still like to be able to avoid using Facebook for checking random stuffs that people post on there.

  • Do lot of open source: I love to spent my time on Github working on projects, contributing to other’s code. I’d keep on doing that. Most of my projects aren’t really of very high quality, I mean it doesn’t really involve a lot of coding. A Netflix Engineer suggested me on reddit

    Your goal is to prove that you are a software engineer. This means that you can show that you’ve something decently complex from beginning to end.

So now, I have decided to start working on complex projects and create something! Also Maintain my GitHub streak.

  • Improve Networking: I did work on that a lot this year, and it seems to have worked; I’d like to continue working on that.

So that’s about it. That was my year. How was yours? I’d love to hear your story. Email me or tweet at me. I reply to everything I receive.


With all good wishes to you and your family for health and happiness throughout the coming year. May the joys and blessings of the Holiday Season be yours. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for Happiness in the New Year


See you Next year! :smile: :beers:

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