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Moments in my dreams

Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake

All I want is, to sit somewhere with you by the mall road and watch people boating in Nainital lake. I want to stare at the design on my wall with you while thinking about my hair. I want to drink lukewarm tea with you. I want to watch mediocre TV with you and have low-grade headaches with you and eat bowls of overcooked pasta with you. When it’s raining outside, I want to eat onion bhajiya (cooked by me) with you. I want to start a conversation about something controversial with you until we both realize we don’t know enough about it and switch back to talking about food. I want to trace an ant running on an artificial wood tabletop while playing the business game with you. I want to sit on the terrace of my building and be bored with you. Not bored because of you. Bored together.

One trip to the Leh ladakh. Three vacations to hot, photogenic places. Five misguided ice-outs. Seven passive-agressive car rides. An afternoon when we take our career choices out of our head and put them on the table and stab them with little sticks and forks. A fight where someone throws a spoon (not fork)! An evening where both of us just sit and talk about our families and childhood memories. One night at my hometown on the roof top doing nothing just watching the stars and The Saptarishi.

After all that - I want to be bored with you.

Not bored because of you. Bored together. We can drive a Toyota Fortuner to that small food stop near Andheri station, I can just sit there and watch you, stuffing your face with Pani puri. We can stare at those beautifully written lines about food and listen to that Surbhi’s Lassi Ad “Surbhi ki lassi majjedaar lassi gaadhi lassi”. I can touch my one long eyelash and you pull your one long eyebrow hair. We should do this when it’s cloudy.

Pani Puri

A scene from movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

We can let go of funny and exciting and interesting and offensive and microaggressive. We can let go of all our affectations and all the things we say. We can stop trying to be the version of ourselves that will get the most dopamine, the version that’s been engineered by and for everyone around us. We can stop auto-transcribing everything that happens between us and filtering it into Good or the bad.

We can only be bored after we’ve been everything else. We have still many things to do. I want to fall through the canopy of jokes and all talks about sitcoms and what-do-you-think-about-this-program-software-mobile-this disaster-that-happened-yesterday-in-another-city-another-country-another-another-another. I want to discuss same controversial thread with you and we will walk back and forth over fifty times and will make each other crazy with everything we said or didn’t.

The best things are boring. The best moments are boring. They don’t light up a timeline or a desktop background or a conversation, and no matter how much you try you probably won’t remember them. They are temporal equivalent of muscle, and without them you’d get nowhere.

The best people are the boring ones, too. They are the human equivalent of marble. They bought a candle from Mall road of Nainital but they haven’t lit it yet.

So maybe, if it all goes well, we’ll stand underneath yellow light and look at all those ice-cream sellers. We’ll put our hands in our jacket pockets and walk down aisles of plastic superheroes and lawn chairs.

We can stop at the candles, open one or two, and pick the one that smells the most of nothing in particular. Just a vague combination of flowers and fruit.

Nainital Candle shop

Candle shop in Nainital


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Image source: Flickr

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