Vikesh Tiwari

Moments with you

Saturday, I was at home whole day and I didn’t do anything. My laptop is not working so I have my phone only.

I had deactivated my Fb account so I was away from my virtual friends. Now sitting at home and having cellphone in your hand.

I know, I won’t receive a text from you but I was waiting.

I kept looking at my phone hoping to see a message from you.

I keep looking at my phone; looking at that black sleek face hoping to hear that specific notification tone I had set for you, letting me know that a message has arrived and that it would be from you.

I should be watching a TV series, I should maybe even dive into Death Note once more but all I want to do is chat with you.

All I want to do is hear your voice again.

It has only been 3 days since I left you and yet all I want to do is go back to you and have you caress my brow with your lovely hands as you smile down at me.

That smile of a thousand watts that shows off your beautiful dentition.

That smile that makes me shy because of how full and alluring it is.

Time spent with you flies by without a trace.

I can remember every meaningful word shared with you.

I can remember every evening.

Every kiss…

Moments with you are moments I always cherish.

They end far too quickly.

So I’ll savor the memories as they come and relive every moment as often as I can.

Until I come into your arms again.

Just imaginary thoughts :p and are not meant for anyone


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