Vikesh Tiwari

Staying In Touch

Has the time come when all of our emotions, feelings and sentiments are merely some binary-coded arrangements?

Today, It’s easier to turn a friend’s life upside-down who’s living on the other side of the city, just by sending a text with some mixed emojis, than to go across the hall to pour yourself a glass of water. We have been communicating around our network through some easy taps on the screen, use of thumbs and, of course, budget-friendly data plans. A minute though your Fb and Instagram news-feed, and you are all filled in with what’s going on with every kind of friends you have out there-even those who are way beyond the acceptable limits of annoyance, but because their unfailing likes and punctual comments are vital to your profile’s reputation, we always have to bear with them.

We constantly gossip with our friends on WhatsApp, share pictures and send memes, and based on how frequently we indulge in such fulfilling activities, we rate our friendships. Those blue ticks on WhatsApp are deadlier than a nuclear holocaust. People run to kill each other when their texts are read but not replied-after. People are pissed when their calls are missed and not returned. We measure our worth to them through the extent of their availability. It doesn’t take long for us to jump to a conclusion: “I am sure, he’s avoiding me. Damn, am I being ditched?” There are over a trillion more possibilities for their unresponsiveness but our insecurity and impatience have blinded us. We have occupied their space, shrunk our trust, breached their privacy and forgotten their individuality. The term ‘personal’ belongs to them just as it belongs to you.

This is what I do, I was thinking about all these today. How much time I waste chatting with friends and also with those who I haven’t seen in real life, my virtual friends. I am highly active on all social websites, I have around 1200+ friends on fb and 250+ contacts on WhatsApp but I have only met and talked to 90-100 people in real life. For most of them, This WhatsApp and Messenger screen is their best friend. This needs to be changed now! I have to change myself, I have to be more active in real life too.

Now, for me hanging out with them for an hour is more precious than a month-long texting. It is more valuable to see them smile in real than to receive thousands of their emoticons. It is lovelier to see them laugh than to receive their annoying “LOLs” and “HAHAs”. (Note to friends: I love your LOLs and HAHAs, I was just trying to make a point here. I don’t want you to revolutionize yourself and stop sending me your smileys.) When I meet them, it is a real feeling. I get the undeniable evidence of their livelihood, non-encrypted compassionate conversations, a sense of being in the moment and, of course, a pleasure of seeing their real-life expressions. There’s no match to the fun it becomes, there is no match to the experience it becomes.

Let’s work on building trust, fostering patience, respecting circumstances and becoming more friendly. Your friendship is represented by the actions of your hearts, not by the activities of your SIM-card. Let’s meet and discuss all about programming, life and love? I’m very sure, you’ll like my stories and I talk a lot, once I get comfortable with someone. I can discuss all crazy stuff and you know I am very funny, your laugh won’t stop. From politics to food to old hind songs to love and Tech, we can talk a lot.

I know there are people who ignore us deliberately because they lack interests. They are people whose priority-list don’t feature us, even at the bottom. But what can we do? They’re at liberty to customize their priorities their way and form interests based on their liking because they’re not robots or PlayStation devices which can be owned, they’re humans. The best I can do is be nice, patient and at peace with my lack of worthiness. Is it really hard to accept your shortcomings? It could be, but once you embrace it, everything gets easier.

Hey, planning to meet and discuss something? I’d love to meet you, I’m flying to the US on 1st June but I still have 10 days so, if you want to meet, just hit me up (Can’t post my contact number here :p). Will plan and meet :)


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