Vikesh Tiwari

Hello World

Hello everyone :)

I just decided to start posting in my own blog. I have two blogs with some friends on Quora and Blogger. All posts were mostly on Algorithms and others Technical stuff. My last post was a long time ago(because it’s not exciting anymore).

I don’t really like Blogger or Wordpress. Yeah, I just don’t like it. I think both are very heavy and slow. I have decided now that I’ll try use open source platforms, softwares as much as I can. So, I decided to give a chance to Jekyll Bootstrap.

I’ll not blog about “how to setup Jekyll”, you can read it here.

It’s really simple to configure and put to work, write posts, pages, and you can see the modifications on your local server. And Yeah, it’s really fast!

In two hours, I updated the twitter bootstrap version, hacked jekyll to be responsive, worked on posts listing and setup author and other things like analytics and disquss. It also have built-in support for Disqus and Twitter/G+/Facebook/etc (aka addthis) buttons.

In short Jekyll is great, and I really liked it!

This is my first post, I have thought of writing one post in a week. If you’re interested in reading my posts, you can leave your email here (expect one mail in a week :) ).