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Summer Internship: The Ultimate Guide Course

This course contains a series of articles right from the beginning of the creating your resume to the very first day of your internship. This course is the extension of our old internship guide recommended by over 1000+ students.

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Getting started with Open Source: The Ultimate Guide

Get started with open source development. Learn what is git, Open Source terminologies, and create your full pull request.

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    Basics of Git

    Learn what is Git and basic git commands

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    Open Source

    Learn what is Open Source, Terminologies and about Github

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    Contribute to an open source project, make your first pull request

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Vikesh is handling the tech team at Speedbox as CTO. He formerly worked at Slack as Test Automation Intern in San Francisco and twice at Directi as Software Engineering intern in Mumbai. Vikesh spends most of the time of the day in front of the laptop but he loves doing photography, video editing and listening to songs in free time. Follow his daily life on Facebook and Twitter.