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What Is The Ideal Time To Apply For Internships And Jobs

In the last article, we read about this course on getting software engineering internship and jobs. The course contains series of articles on internships and jobs right from the preparation plan to the first day of the job. If you are visiting this page directly I'd suggest you go and check out the roadmap for Software engineering jobs.

So let's get started!

Many students ask me, what is the perfect time to apply for internships. So in this article we are going to discuss the ideal time and in which year of engineering you should look for an internship.

Ideal time for Internship

** **Most of the big companies hire summer and winter interns both. Results indicate that 65-70% companies hire interns year-round and 35% employers hire 5+ interns. Students generally look for summer internships and most of the companies and startups offer summer internships. So overall summer internships are much more common than winter internships as winter vacation duration is quite short compared to summer vacation.

So, The ideal time is the summer vacation and you'll have more weeks to spend at the company and learn more. Now let's talk about the year of engineering.

As you all would be already knowing, students generally look for internships and do internships after 3rd year and before the final year (Winter). Many students (me included) do apply and intern in 2nd year as well. It totally depends on your knowledge and how strong is your resume. If you have done something, if you have achieved something in your 2nd year then definitely you should apply for internships in 2nd-year vacations. ** ***Final Words: \*_Best time to apply for an internship is the summer vacation mostly after 3rd year. If you have the knowledge and you are very good at something specific (Web development, UI, UX or any specific field), you can and you should look for an internship in your 2nd year as well. _

And, Ideal time for jobs? You can apply to jobs at any time. There is no particular month for jobs, if there are openings on the website then you can directly apply there so contact someone in the company for a referral.

If you are graduating this year and looking for jobs then, most companies start hiring right after completion of summer internships. Once their summer internship program ends, they start publishing New Grad jobs on their website. So, the ideal time for new grads to start applying is in August.

What if I am late for an internship? Sometimes it happens that students target few specific company and deadline is already ended for that. If there are no internships mentioned on the website or it just says "Position is closed.". The best thing to do in such cases is to send a mail to the company attaching your resume and cover letter and, trying to convince them that you would be worth engaging as an intern. You have to show them you achievements, work and explain them why you can be a great intern.

**My story: **_I was looking for an internship at Slack, I really wanted to work there but no internship openings were mentioned on the website. So I had applied for the full-time job role from the jobs page and mentioned that I'm looking for an internship and it worked! Later I got a full-time job offer from Slack (article link). So, friends, everything works. It totally depends on how badly you want to achieve and get something. _

_ _

Conclusion So final conclusion of this article,

Ideal time

For summer Internship: October - Feb, at the end of the third year or 2nd year.

For Winter Internship: July - September

For full-time Job: Anytime

New-Grad role: After August every year.

This is it. I hope you found this article helpful.

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What Is The Ideal Time To Apply For Internships And Jobs


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