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Slack, Amazon, Mozilla, Browserstack- My Internship Interview Experience

In Summer 2016, I had applied to 20+ companies for Software engineering internships. Twelve companies sent me that same Greenhouse rejection template, three companies said their summer internship positions are full and I got shortlisted for five companies, S.

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[This post was written before summer 2016]

I had already started my internship at CodeChef (Jan'16 - April'16), my daily schedule is 8 - 4 PM college and then 4:30 - 9,10 at CodeChef. I reach home by 11-11:30, so I used to sleep late and bunk lectures in college to prepare for the interviews. I have written about the interview preparation plan, books and resume tips here read it after completing this post, Let's discuss about the interview process today.


I applied to Mozilla through career website for multiple internship position in many places. I got shortlisted for Developer Tools (Device Simulation) and Engineering Build Productivity intern positions in Paris and Mountain View respectively. For both positions first round was on Hackerrank.

  • There were 4 - 5 multiple choice questions and two coding problems.

  • For each MCQs, you need to give an explanation as well.

  • Questions were very easy.

  • Allowed languages depends on the position you're applying to. For me, allowed language was JavaScript only.

Questions can be found here .

I got rejected for a Developer Tools (Device Simulation) Intern position in Paris after the first round and moved to the second round for Engineering Build Intern (Mountain View).

I had performed well but I don't know why they replied with this 'we appreciate your commitment to Mozilla, we will unfortunately not be moving forward at this time.' I said OK :p.


I applied through career website and got a response after almost 20 days. First round was on Hackerearth . There were total three problems to solve in three hours.


  • XPath Query Parse

  • Docs Generator

  • Server Log Analysis

Among all my first rounds this was the most challenging. Detailed questions can be found here. I could solve just one problem in three hours and they rejected me.


I got shortlisted for Amazon internship two times. Last year they asked me if I'm available for six months internship which wasn't possible so I said No. This time I got shortlisted again for 3 months internship. Applied through career care website and received a response from them after 15 - 20 days.

The first round was on Hackerrank. There were total 2-3 problems to solve in an hour.


Problems were easy, I solved all the three problems and moved to next round.


I had moved to the second round of Amazon internship and suddenly one day BAM! Subject : 'Phone Interview with Slack!. I wasn't expecting this as no internship positions were mentioned on the website. I had mailed them my resume only because I really love the product and wanted to work on it. Read this : Slack the evolution of messaging.

Now I was just focusing on this internship, I didn't want to lose this one.

Interview Process

There were total fours rounds. I can't write about the question but here is the summary of it.

First round

First round was with the recruiter it was kind of behavioral interview.

Second Round

In the second round I was given a coding assignment with two tasks to complete in a week. Both the tasks were of medium level one Coding task and one design problem. This depends on the position you're applying for.

I completed both tasks in 3-4 days and they took 4-5 days to review my solutions. I got a mail after a week saying I'm moving to the next round. Now this was very exciting I started working hard for the next interviews. Next interview was with my mentor and senior engineering manager. I solved almost 50+ problems in 3-4 days on different coding platforms like LeetCode and TopCoder. I was expecting it to be very technical.

Third Round

Third round was with the Manager and it wasn't very technical.

Fourth Round

After, a week I got an email saying I'm moving to the next round. Now this was so exciting and I was trying my hardest. Fourth round was very surprising. We talked about the company and my previous interviews. Finally, I was offered the internship on call.

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Frankly telling I had never imagined that I'd intern in the US. I accepted the offer and will be joining the company in June. Recruiting team is very friendly and helpful. I'm very excited to join the Automation and Testing Team this summer at Slack. [This post was written in 2016]


While I was interviewing with Slack (Third round), I got shortlisted for the LinkedIn Internship too. They send me a link of a coding challenge on Hackerrank. I wanted to solve the coding challenges. There were total 3 problems to solve in 3 hours.


I can not share the full problem statements but problems were purely algorithmic.

  • Angry Children: Distribute X candy packets to K children. A greedy problem.

  • ZigZagArray: Print Array in Zig Zag manner based on some conditions.

  • Acme Substring: String Based problem.

After the first round I mailed them about my Internship at Slack.

Getting a great summer internship should absolutely be your first priority, nothing else will beat the things you'll learn and experience. The amount of impact you'll end up having cannot be matched easily, especially as a student. As a third year student it was my first priority too. I applied to 20+ companies from Best of the best to average companies. One thing that I learnt in these three years is that networking is really important. You should talk to employees, recruiters and alumni. Tell them what you're doing currently, tell them about your projects, past experiences and publicize it on sites like ProductHunt, Reddit and Hackernews.

There are so many opportunities available so the first step to getting an internship, is apply. A lot of people I know are just too afraid to apply, even to companies they really want to work at because they are waiting to get the perfect resume. Even I used to feel the same thanks to Krish Munot he's an awesome guy! Last year in december we were discussing about the internships.

Here is our short discussion on FB:

Me: I'm thinking of applying for the internship .. next sem for the full time

Krish: Don't think. Just apply. Most people make this mistake of not applying. Did you apply for the summer?

Me: No..not sure whether they would shortlist me.

Krish: That is there decision bro. Maybe they might think you might be the right fit. Damn! Dont do this ever again me! You are losing out on a lot of opportunities like that.

And this was true! Thanks to my family and friends for all the support.

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