Eulercoder Weekly Project

Eulercoder is starting weekly project series — Learn, Contribute and Share!

A few days ago, In our survey, people mentioned that they want to build projects which involve latest technologies. Students suggested us to start weekly project series where Eulercoder will initiate the project and all other members will contribute to it. We spent some time thinking about it and decided to give it a try. As helping everyone learn to program and making them aware of latest technologies used in the industries is our goal. Eulercoder is on a mission to help everyone in getting a good job and internships (Read our guide). If anything that contributes even 1% in our mission, we are ready to do it.

So, this article is about our first weekly project series. We will be starting the project series, starting this weekend, the first project will start from — 16th September and project should get completed on 22nd September midnight. We have to try our best to complete the project.

Weekly Project Series: Few things that you have to keep in mind.

  • We have to work and collaborate as a team.
  • If you are signing up for this, you have to take the full responsibility to complete your task.
  • We want to be little strict on this, if you are not able to meet the deadlines for three times in a row, you won’t be a part of Eulercoder Organisation after that.
  • Tasks will be assigned based on your knowledge, what you want to learn and the role you are looking for in the company. ex — UI, UX, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, DevOps Engineer (Servers, scripts, AWS, scaling etc).

How are we going to collaborate?

  • We have an open team (community) on Slack, that you can join here.
  • We will have private channels for each individual project.
  • Each project will have a specific number of people only, we can not have 20 people working on the same project. It will hard for us to collaborate and manage.
  • We are thinking of making the maximum number of people working in the project to — up to 8 people only.
  • There will be daily stand-ups where we will answer three questions in the channel — _what are you working on today, what you did yesterday and if anything is blocking you. _This will help us in keeping track of what we all are doing.
  • We will definitely extend the deadline if something comes up or we have to share one’s work if something comes up and he/she is unable to work on the project.
  • We totally understand that students will have their lectures, assignments and other work so you can decide on which part you want to work on and how much time it will take.

Projects will be based on what technologies?

  • Front-end development — HTML, CSS, React, Preact, Vue, Bootstrap, Angular etc.
  • **Back-end development — **nodejs, Django, Go, PHP, Ruby.
  • Writing modules and scripts
  • Server deployment scripts, monitoring AWS, Automation
  • **Bot development **— Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram
  • API development
  • And many more based on your suggestions. :)

Everything sounds so interesting right?

People don’t a give a shit about your super amazing billion dollar idea, it’s the execution that matters.

Ok, I am ready for this. How to proceed now?

Nice, glad to hear this. I hope you always be as motivated and excited as you are right now. :)

We would like to know your interests, your programming experience and what role you are focusing on. So,

  • Go ahead fill out this form. The form contains few questions, just to know your background and interests in computer science.
  • We will be collecting responses and reaching out to people when we start a project that matches to his/her interests.
  • We will discuss your preferences, total hours you can give and few other things based on the project.
  • Once everything is finalized, you will be added to the project channel on Slack as a part project team. :D

That’s all! First project documentation will be shared on Saturday — 16th September.

Looking forward to work, collaborate and learn together.